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You are invited to our monthly meetings on the Second Sunday of Every Month. Please Call One of our Executives for Time and Place

The following companies have participated and sponsored NPA activities: Pfizer, Teva, Comerica Bank, Principal Financial Group, Aaron Battle and PBA Health, Pharmacist Mutual Insurance Co., Iroko Pharmaceutical, Allergen Pharmaceutical, The Pacific Group, to name a few. Also, there were great presentations and discussions with DEA and Texas State Board of Pharmacy representatives in our meetings.




Phone Number:

President Emmanuel Egenti 877 741 0252
Vice President Lara Sodunola 877 741 0252
Secretary Evelyn Nwosu 877 741 0252
Fin Secretary Evelyn Nwosu 877 741 0252
Provost Kunle Tometi 877 741 0252
PRO Akin Akinseye 877 741 0252
Treasurer Roy Nwakanma 877 741 0252

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